Momma Told Me: Fall Pet Safety Tips: And Adorable Pet Pictures!

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Fall Pet Safety Tips: And Adorable Pet Pictures!

*** I am not a licensed veterinarian, nor should my advice be taken as any more than that from one pet owner to another. All photos below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Momma Told Me: Pets are furry kids.

I'm a firm believer in the plant to pet to baby process. That is, if a couple can't come together on a watering schedule for a ficus, they're likely not ready to tackle the feeding needs of a nursing baby. Once we'd mastered our 'greens' Jay and I moved onto growing our family through the adoption of a tiny pup. We already had Truffles, the troubled step-child, and had painstakingly worked through her introduction process with Jay, and were ready to experience pet parenting on a larger scale. As it turns out, Nora, our toy Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie) is very much like a cat (minus the whole 'have to carry her downstairs to go potty' bit). In fact, we call Nora our 'Fluffy Kitty' because, well, you can see how wild her hair gets when we let it grow out. But I digress; just over a year old now, adult Nora has given us many lessons on pet care from a short person's perspective. Here is a little of what we've learned, in hopes it will help keep you and your furry ones safe through the upcoming seasons.
It's not something everyone likes to discuss, but there are a myriad of pests waiting to irritate your furry pet member; the first one being allergens. Yes, pets suffer from seasonal allergies just as much as humans! Be sure to keep a clean yard with raked leaves and short grass to cut down on skin irritants and consult with a vet if you see your furbaby scratching too much. And don't forget to safe gaurd your home against unwanted pests of another kind; just because it is getting colder does not mean you can skip a month of flea and tick prevention. In fact, you are more likely to encounter an increased number of pests inside your home during these cooler months, so be sure to keep an alert eye for spiders and other creepy crawlies your child may consider a plaything! Fall is also known for snakes- for those of you who live in the more rural parts of our wonderful country, so never let your pups play unattended in the wild!

For those concerned about excess shedding that often comes with Fall and Winter months, be sure to brush your pet daily. This will naturally trap the hair/fur which would have fallen anyway, and cut down on allergens for human family members as well.
Many pet parents love to dress their pets up for the holidays- but clothing your pet is not just a frivolous  endeavor. We recently shaved Nora for the Summer and were careful to keep the majority of her covered during long excursions outside. Why would we do this in 75F Southern California weather? Don't forget that your pup had skin, which can just as easily become burned by the sun, as humans. Smaller dogs, such as toy and teacup breeds often have thinner skin which can easily become irritated with continual exposure to the direct sun. Naturally, the other reason to dress your dog smart is to ward against the cooler weather. While you may think your dog looks silly, they'll be sure to thank you for the extra warmth on their next walk. (And make sure you both have something bright/reflective on when walking at dusk or night!)

Believe it or not, Fall is one of the busiest times of year for lost pet reports- With increased brush ans fallen foliage, a dog can easily get excited by a sqwaking duck or running squirrel. Once a dog has taken off with it's leash, or wriggled out of it's collar/leash, it can quickly get lost in the cover of Fall. Be sure that your pet is microchipped, and fitted with the right size harness for walks. A harness will not only ensure a more comfortable walk for your and your pooch, but also cut down on accidental runs and excited adventures.
Believe it or not, many pets are actually less active during the hot Summer months when the scorching heat is a deterrent for playful activities. It's important to make sure your pets, especially those that rely on outdoor time have a chance to burn off that extra energy, and get some quality play time outdoors before the weather starts to turn. Fall is also a great time to brush up on training and tricks- many dogs get a little rusty over the lazy Summer and benefit from the positive reinforcement of a refresher course.

Additionally, both you and your pet are sure to be delighted by all the festivities and decorations of Fall and Winter events. When decorating your home make sure that the decorations are at a safe level, and do not include any small parts that a pup or kitty may be inspired to gnaw off. Additionally, be mindful of lights low to the ground that may become a tangle or suffocation issue for your pets or others'.
So many pet owners think dehydration is a thing of warmer months. The truth is, hydration should be top priority no matter the time of year. During the Winter it is important to keep an eye on your pets drinking habits and encourage any lack of hydration with added drops of chicken broth, or even a warm bowl. If your have a pet that spends the majority of it's time outdoors be sure to keep an eye on their water source and ensure there is fresh drinking water. Water may freeze overnight, rendering your per without a drink, or worse, attempting to drink chunks of ice that could become choking hazards.
Okay, we don't literally expect you to feng shui your cat- but it is important to remember to treat all family members with equal love and attention. Often we get caught up in our people festivities and forget to spend time with our furry kids as well. Don't encourage any Fall tantrums or behavioral issues with lack of attention; your pets will likely have it hard enough adjusting to the changes of extra guests and entertaining as it is!

What Daughter Says: Keep your whole family safe this holiday season with basic pet care tips.


  1. I don't have a dog but we make sure to check that kitties for ticks in summer.

  2. We only have kitties but we make sure they have plenty of fresh water & food that helps them maintain their weight. Being overweight is not good for them.

  3. how adorable, fresh water is important so we always change out their water, we also walk the stairs to try to get them more active

  4. Oh I am loving your pictures! Love your "clothing not optional" and "choose the right harness" photos. Lol your pup is adorable and makes me laugh. And Feng shui your cat! So funny. lol. My cat lays like that all the time.

    I agree, it is so important to keep a close eye on making sure your pet has enough water so they don't get dehydrated. It's not just a summer issue.

  5. I did not know that pets can get sun burned. good to know!

  6. We always check for ticks on our neighbor and sister's dogs! I love the pictures!!! Awesome!

  7. Such a great tips! I hate seeing my neighbors not taking proper care of their pets, makes me want to adopt every single one of them!

  8. I don't like ticks that's why we don't have pets but love looking at the pictures!!