Momma Told Me: I Sample New Lay's Roasted Garlic + Sea Salt, Potato Chip Recipe Round Up

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I Sample New Lay's Roasted Garlic + Sea Salt, Potato Chip Recipe Round Up

**** I received sample bags from @FritoLay through the +Klout program. In exchange I was asked to provide my honest opinion on my various social media outlets.  All photos contained blow are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Momma Told Me: You can't have just one.

The older I get, the more sophisticated my palette becomes; or, at least that's what I prefer to think. However, some constants remain in the form of an immense love of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy- contrast of flavor and texture has always been, and I suppose will always be, my favorite culinary experience. While Pop was lounging on the couch popping kernels of popcorn, or Lay's wavy chips into his mouth I was craving something to offset the crisp of these snacks. Before long I would only enjoy my potato chips wedged between a peanut butter sandwich, on a hamburger, or with a hearty dip of sour cream and onion (Ranch being a close runner up). It mattered not how much flavor potato chip brands packed between those ridges and waves, I craved a texture contrast that chips alone could not satisfy.
Jay, however, craves the crunch. He loves the loud snap of a chip crumbling between each bite, and the salty baked flavor of a good all American chip. While I'm dipping and dunking he's clearing out the bag a handful at a time. So, when Klout informed me my social media status had qualified me for a new 'Perk' from Lay's, I was certain our favorite brand had cooked up something especially delicious. You may recall my feature on the brand's Do Us A Flavor specialties, including my thoughts on the controversial Chicken and Waffles Chips. While many of you seemed revolted and equally intrigued, I proceeded to devise some inspired baking and food recipes- more on that in a bit. However, I first did some research on chip history, in particular some of the more bold flavors that have graced our favorite brands throughout the years. As it turns out, Lay's Do Us A Flavor regional contest yielded many interesting results, including Grilled Cheese and Ketchup Sandwich and Maple Moose (Canada). But those aren't to be outdone by British favorites, Sunday Best Roast Chicken, Roast Ox, and Prawn Cocktail.
To get back to our feature, Lay's sent on over a trio of their popular (re-designed) Wavy chips in Original, Ranch, and new Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt. Apparently the term 'roasted' makes even potato chips artisan these days.... Already familiar with the first two I immediately pried open the Garlic and Sea Salt with a pleasing 'pop' as the trapped nitrogen escaped the bag. A mouth watering smell of subtle sea salt and slow roasted garlic wafted up, the beautifully large (and whole) Wavy chips dusted in a visible seasoning. I forgot how much I disliked crunchy treats by themselves and popped a chip in my mouth, ignoring the loud crunch and savoring the rich flavor. Surprisingly these were not overly salted; they didn't make me crave a sip of water. Instead, I popped yet another chip in my mouth, letting out an audible 'Mmmmm!' these were even more addictive and delicious than my favorite KC Masterpiece chips, and the wide wavy ridges were perfect for dipping (though entirely unnecessary).
Potato Chip Onion Rings
Jay, my father, and I finished off the bag in an afternoon, and I have since been scouring local shelves for the new flavor to make an appearance. I can't wait to get my paws on another Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt bag to create a new twisted recipe- Speaking of my potato chip recipes; which some called slightly deranged, it turns out I am not the only crunch loving girl who likes to spice up recipes with a kick of crunch and salt. Complex Magazine actually contacted me about a Top 10 Potato Chip Recipe roundup they are running in their print issue next month. Not only is our Potato Chip Brownie recipe live in the Top 25 Potato chip Recipe roundup online (and coming in at 5th!), but there are 24 other amazingly delectable chip recipes for you to discover there. Head on over, and be sure to show our recipe some love with a click through or comment!

Until next time, keep it sweet and salty my readers!

What Daughter Says: Why stop at one chip when you can create a whole new favorite treat. Try cooking with potato chips today!


  1. Mmmmm, chips. I am very bad around chips. The garlic flavor would be amazing. Congrats on the Complex Mag - they picked one of mine too. I was so excited!

  2. These are delicious!!! We eat them all the time!

  3. Congrats to you on your Potato Chip Recipe success. When Potato Chips are in the house I absolutely CANNOT avoid them. Lays are definitely my favorite brand.

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