Momma Told Me: Hallow's Eve Rocky Road Ice Cream- 3 Ingredient Ice Cream Base Recipe w/ TruMoo

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Hallow's Eve Rocky Road Ice Cream- 3 Ingredient Ice Cream Base Recipe w/ TruMoo

*** I received a product voucher as a member of BzzAgent, no further compensation was received. All photos below are property of Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
TruMoo Chocolate Ice Cream
Momma Told Me: Drink your milk so you'll grow big and strong!

There were two uses for milk in my childhood; cereal and Pop's large steins of freshly frothed chocolate milk. Sometime when I was too young to recall, or perhaps the entire length of my family's history, we made the switch to 1% milk. I recall, in school, they'd serve reduced fat milk in cartons, that was sometimes 2-3% milkfat, and I'd curl my lip up in distaste. It was not the white watery liquid I'd come to know and call milk. Today, with lactose intolerant Jay, I rarely get to indulge in 'real' dairy products, and certainly not chocolate milk; there's simply too much sugar to consume it in drink form. (If I'm gonna 'cheat,' it's gonna be with a candy bar or something that takes more than a gulp to consume.)  So, when BzzAgent presented me with a mission to try TruMoo, I was intrigued.
TruMoo Chocolate Milk
I'd seen TruMoo in our grocer's cold case before, right alongside the dairy alternatives and flavored milk varieties. In all honesty, I'd never stopped to pick it up and see what all the fuss was about, I wrote it off as just another chocolate milk. What I now know changes things. Free of high fructose corn syrup, and with 35% less sugar (18g vs 28g/serving) than the leading pre-made chocolate milk brand, TruMoo Chocolate is Lowfat (1% milkfat) and 150 calories or less per serving. In fact, studies show that kids who drink flavored milk, such as TruMoo, get more calcium and key ingredients than non milk drinkers, and naturally consume less nutrient poor sodas and fruit drinks than those who do not. That's great news for parents and health conscious chocolate lovers, but how does it taste?
TruMoo ice cream recipe
Just in time for the spooky season, TruMoo has updated their packaging with spooky attire, and released a limited edition Orange (colored) Vanilla milk to compliment their classic Chocolate. Sadly, the new packaging,and flavors, has not hit my area yet, but I was happy to experience classic TruMoo for the first time. My initial reaction? This is delicious! TruMoo chocolate has a light malty flavor that is more cocoa than over-sweetened chocolate, and drinks smooth without lingering aftertastes. Better yet, I don't feel the need to drink a glass of water after my glass of TruMoo, because it's not too sweet. I instantly knew this would transition perfectly into a simple Malty Chocolate Ice Cream recipe, and decided to kick it up a notch with Orange and Yellow Reese's Pieces and Marshmallow Chunks. For garnish I used Pumpkin PEEPS and Oreos with Twizzler Pull N' Peel spider 'legs'.
TruMoo Halloween
TruMoo Ice Cream
Not only was this a ridiculously simple, and fail proof ice cream recipe, but I was able to cut out the additional sugars in a traditional ice cream recipe and add the mix-ins. My Rocky Road Hallow's Eve Ice Cream was a huge hit, and so was the TruMoo, I cannot wait to find the Orange Vanilla on a shelf near me. In the mean time I'll be collecting the caps from specially marked packages to enter the TruMoo and Goosebumps exclusive sweepstakes for a shot at a family vacation to Fox Studios, Hollywood! Customers will also enjoy an exclusive $2/Goosebumps DVD coupon with special code entry. Want to know more? Head on over to the TruMoo website to get all the creepy details, and pick up a half gallon of TruMoo today to get in on all the fun!

What Daughter Says: Don't compromise nutrition for flavor your kids will love, try TruMoo.

TruMoo Ice Cream
Hallow's Eve Rocky Road
*** Click here for printable rocky road ice cream recipe.

Makes 5 Cups Ice Cream

* 2.5 C TruMoo Chocolate Milk
* 1 C Heavy Cream
*Pinch of Salt
* Yellow and Orange Reeses Pieces
* 3/4 C Mini Marshmallows, or Diced Jumbo Marshmallows


1.) In a medium bowl beat to combine TruMoo, Salt, and Cream until fully combined.

2.) Refrigerate 2 hours, or overnight.

3.) Place into ice cream maker and allow to thicken 15 minutes before introducing add-ins (Reese's Pieces and marshmallows). Serve immediately, or store in air tight containers and freezer 2-3 hours for harder consistency.

**** Twist tops off Oreos and place 4 even strands of Twizzler's Pull N' Peel atop cream filling. Press top shut and garnish ice cream with 'spiders.'


  1. This looks so delicious I just know my kids would love making this and eating as well. Great for a party too.

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    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  7. I LOVE chocolate milk that is in the carton. Mixing your own just isn't the same to me. I had a great coupon for TruMoo and my Safeway said they never heard of it. :( My coupon expired....

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