Momma Told Me: 10 Awesome Things To Do With Kool-Aid This Summer

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10 Awesome Things To Do With Kool-Aid This Summer

10 Awesome Things To Do With Kool-Aid: Fabric color chart, homemade lip gloss, fruity kid-safe play dough, tie-dyed nylons, colorful pet dye, cupcake frosting, fruity ice cubes, and more.
Momma Told Me: Be careful, you're going to stain something!

Those who know me know I love color- it simply makes me giddy to see bright hues playing together in food, fabric, or real life. And, I wouldn't be much of a living rainbow if I didn't include a roundup of this Summer's hottest Kool-Aid related projects, would I? I still have fond memories of drip-dying my best friends hair and making homemade 'pixi-stix' with the powdered packets found at the grocery store. Of course, Kool-Aid has come a long way since those days, with countless specialty flavors and even formats, but I'd be remiss if I didn't offer you a smattering of deliciously fruity recipe and project ideas using these little packets that usually sell for just $.20 at my local Walmart.
Kool-Aid Colorsilks fabric dye chart.
10. You can dye nearly anything with Kool-Aid- But did you know there are amazingly crafty people who have calculated how many (sugar free) servings of each packet you should make per 2 quarts of water. Naturally, there are a few techniques you can use to increase the vibrancy of your results and prolong the color's hold. Dying in boiling water and with  vinegar rinse are among some of the most common tips; but you will want to do some research based on your fabric type, first.

9. Tie-Dying with Kool-Aid is a fun and deliciously smelly project for any age. There are a slew of home decor projects showing up with everything from outdoor pillow cushions and sarongs to classic t-shirts and braided headbands. If you can dream it, you can probably make it when you roll, twist and dip fabrics in Kool-Aid. One of my favorite ideas, shown in the round-up, are tie-dyed ombre stockings, especially great for old nylons and costumes.
Mix Kool-Aid powder packets with pet-safe conditioner for temporary dye.
8. On the topic of dying, Kool-Aid is considered so safe for coloring professional groomers use it for holidays and shows. If you're dyeing (pun intended) to know the secret to locking in a streak or pouf of color with a squirming dog, it's pet safe conditioner. I've yet to try this popular trick, but it seems washing your pooch and drying to just damp is the perfect pre-treatment for a powder Koo-Aid-conditioner coloring. Just remember, as always when using Kool-Aid packets to dye, leave out the sugar!

7. Transform playtime with kid-safe homemade play-dough using Kool-Aid for fragrance and coloring. Not only is Kool-Aid a great way to spruce up the classic 1C Flour, 1/4C Salt, 2/3C Water, and 1 TBS Oil play-dough recipe, but it adds an extra sensory element of scent kids are sure to love.
Add Kool-Aid ice cubes to seltzer water for a refreshing drink, or let toddlers use them for sesory play as watercolors.
6.) Kool-Aid makes for great color and flavor when baking. Add a packet of your favorite Kool-Aid to a basic white boxed cake mix, or tub of vanilla frosting and you're sure to get compliments about the unique rich and fruity turnout. Play with flavors and colors in sugar cookies to make mulch-colored desserts destined for big smiles.

5.)Drink it. You didn't think I forgot about the most essential function of this fruit punch drink, did you? You can spruce up pre-made Kool-Aid in a variety of ways, from freezing it in ice cube molds and adding it to seltzer water, to cut back on sugar, or serving it with fresh sliced fruit on ice, as a delicious mocktail.
Mix Vaseline, Kool-Aid powder, and honey for a sweet and fruity lip gloss tweens will love to make.
4.) Make 3 ingredient lip gloss tweens will love to create at sleepovers or birthday parties. Take the traditional Vaseline base and color/flavor it with Kool-Aid packets, but be sure to add a sweetener, such as honey, to make it less bitter.

3.) Try a science experiment- Make Kool-Aid Rock Candy with some boiling sugar water, Kool-Aid packets, twine, clothespins, and mason jars. This is a great Summer project kids will love to watch, while building patience, lots of patience!
Kool-Aid dyed felted Star Wars Coasters at Adventures In All Things Food.
2.) If Popsicles are so 90's, crank it up a notch with homemade Kool-Aid slushes, or go a step further and build your own Purple Cow Kool-Aid Float. If you have a home ice-cream maker handy you can even find several low sugar sherbert recipes online!

1.) If you're especially daring, and creative, take some inspiration from my fellow blogger, Andrea, and try your hand at wool felting. I'm absolutely smitten with her Star Wars inspired Kool-Aid dyed felting coasters, and she makes it look so easy too! Check out her complete felting post and tutorial!

What Daughter Says:  Momma usually made me drink my Kool-Aid on the porch, now I play with it in the house!


  1. Once again your creative ideas amaze me! I love the idea for the lip gloss. I may make this for my daughter. I bet she'll love it.

  2. Oh my gosh, these are awesome ideas. I'm going to be dyeing my hair soon. I just love your color chart. Handy! Pinning it.

  3. The ice cubes would be fun for summer drinks!

  4. Who knew Kool-Aid was so erm, useful. My little brain just doesn't go that far. I had NO clue you could dye your animal. I wonder what little Bernadette would look like pink....hmmmmm

  5. Now, I just knew you were going to show some cool tie-dyed hair thing. But I didn't expect it to be on a pooch!! :) LOL I pinned this; we have a plethora of Koolaid packets in our cabinet.

  6. My sister dyed her daughter's hair with Koolaid one year. There are lots of non-food things you can do with it.

  7. I can't believe the imagination - so many creative uses and clearly not enough time

  8. I can't believe the imagination - so many creative uses and clearly not enough time

  9. This should be really fun i absolutely love the lip gloss idea! Thanks!!

  10. What color makes the dark brown/ black colored hair dye? I'm so blind I cant focus in to see which three packets they are.