Momma Told Me: 2014 Summer Beauty Essentials And Skincare Tips

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2014 Summer Beauty Essentials And Skincare Tips

This is a Fashionista Events Opportunity. I received a BIC Soleil Glow Sample in hopes I might share my honest thoughts.
Is your skin Summer ready?
Momma Told Me: Skincare has no season.

Living in Southern California you might assume that it's all palm trees and sunbathing, year-round, and you'd be correct. I'd be lying if I said that we truly experience seasons, or if I attempted to downplay the number of bikini-clad patrons lining our local beaches on any given month of the year. While that may sound like paradise to some, it's certainly not the ideal situation for my skin. Much like Winter presents the promise of it's own skincare challenges (dry cracked elbows and heels, the complete and utter lack of motivation to shave at all,) Summer can be just as threatening. Let's face it, I'm pale even when I'm tan, and that sort of fair skin needs extra TLC to get it through any season.
2014 Summer Beauty Essentials: easy apply suncare, bontanical exfoliant mask, natural toothpaste, flash mani/pedi lacquer, cooling wipes, effortless razors, body butter, and lots of water!
If Summer's not quite ready to show it's skimpy skirt wearing legs, where you are- great; that just means you have a little extra time to get Summer ready with my 2014 Summer Beauty Essentials. At the top of my list is a good suncare product (or multiples if you prefer SPF foundation like me.) Finding a mess free suntan lotion that can easily be applied from head to toe is a must once those rays start peeking through the clouds. Exfoliating with a good scrub or skincare mask will also help prep those skinny stems for beach weather offering a smooth shave when paired with an effortless razor such as BIC Soleil Glow, and a pampering after-shave treatment such as Bath & Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Body Butter. If you're not quite ready to bare too much skin, then play with Summer colors and treat yourself to a simple flash mani/pedi, ombre style with alternating hues of the same color. And, for those inevitably sticky afternoons, stash a package of cooling wipes in your purse or glove compartment to cool off between Summer socializing.
BIC Soleil Glow razors with pivoting head, 3 angling individual blades and comfort shield.
For me, Summer skincare starts with my legs; the area of my body that seems most often exposed to UV rays and harsh elements. Because I shave year-round, I need a razor that is reliably smooth and relatively simple to navigate the curves of my stems with as few 'incidents' as possible. After all, nobody wants to show off those Summer legs covered in nicks and Band-Aids, right? For years I've been a Soleil junkie. Made by BIC, the Soleil range of women's disposable razors are colorful, which happens to be the perfect match for my personality, and intuitive. The line is constantly growing, with the newest addition, the Soleil Glow, boasting a new comfort shield for shaving safety, and 3 individually flexible blades for comfort. As a lifelong Soleil user, I was most enchanted, however, by the addition of a new pivoting head, which really brings a new experience to disposable skincare.
Are your legs Summer ready?
Of course not all Summer Beauty Essentials are found in the skincare aisle. One major player on your personal skin radiance team should be water, and lots of it. You should consume 64oz of filtered water daily, and more during dry and warmer months when dehydration is more prevalent. Not only will this help keep you more active and your skin (your body's largest organ) functioning at it's healthiest, but it will help your body bounce back from any unfortunate skincare mishaps like missed sunscreen application. Remember, Summer beauty and skincare starts before Summer and continues throughout!

What are some of your best Summer Beauty and Skincare tips?

What Daughter Says: Start preparing for warmer weather today with hydration and simple skincare.


  1. I love the Soleil razor - it's my go to. Montana is such a dry climate that am always drinking water so your advice is very wise. And for everyone especially as you get older!

  2. My razor is pretty old, I should probably get a new one soon.

    Semi-related: that hello toothpaste is great, we got them in our BlogHer swag bags last year, mine was Mojito Mint.

  3. I love the Soleil razor also. It works wonders on my legs! Great summer touches.

  4. I need to try this razor. Excellent tips and your skin looks great.

  5. I have tried these, it truly doesn't even seem like you are shaving. I find the BIC SoleiL just glides over your skin.

  6. For me, the best advice is to load up on sunscreen. I burn so easily.

  7. Oh, my skin is anything but ready for summer - I need all the help I could get here

  8. I am light complected but tan very easily but I make sure to use sun screen for the Florida sun. You make a great point by suggesting to drink lots of water. I do notice a difference in my skin when I do not.

  9. Love this post and I too am a huge fan of the Soleil razors. They really help get a good clean shave without knicking my skin up - which I tend to do with a lot of other razors. - Katy