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Crafting With Candy: Candy Card Poster For Father's Day With Template

Candy Card Poster Craft for Father's Day.
Momma Told Me: I'd love it if it were ripped and covered in dirt- but sugar doesn't hurt.

Looking back through the years I've given my parents some pretty questionable gifts for various holidays. And by 'questionable' I mean, even I often couldn't recall what the original intent of the project was when handing it over. Let's face it, most Mother's Day and Father's Day projects originated in school with mass instruction and little oversight by the overwhelmed teacher of 30 who was simply trying to avoid a glitter inhalation incident. While Momma was a very crafty individual, I seldom got to make anything for my father outside of these yearly school projects. In my parent's attic is a box full of misshapen pottery attempts, shedding macaroni art, and 20-year-old food clued to construction paper. However, I clearly recall, every holiday, Pop taking me to buy a box of chocolates to preset with my handmade gift; as Momma told me, she'd love anything I gave her, but a little sugar never hurt!
Candy Card Poster Craft for Father's Day.
This week I've been fighting pneumonia, and the past few days it has been unusually dreary for May in Southern California. In our family there are  lot of holidays through the Summer, beginning with Father's Day and the birthdays of my own Pop and Grand Pop. I'll be making two cakes the first week of June, and attending two birthday dinners; so Father's Day is high on my priority list to knock-out now. With the overcast light outside barely enough to make for a decent photo I decided I was going to continue my Crafting With Candy Series and walk Sabrina (11) through a Father's Day Candy Card Poster.
Candy Card Poster Craft for Father's Day.
A Rebus is a reference device in which images are used to represent words are parts of words. You like how I just made crafting with candy educational? Rebus tools are used as early as second grade in the U.S. and help build cognition on several planes. In the case if the classic Candy Card Poster idioms can also be involved while playing with the meaning of candy names, or using them literally, for a structurally sound educational lesson turned craft. Or you can always use our template, or one of the many popular ones online, and skip the heavy thinking. In our case I put Sabrina in the car, drove to the dollar store, bought a Sharpie and a large foam posterboard, and made her begin brainstorming right then and there.
Candy Card Poster Craft for Father's Day.
When picking candies to represent sentiments and words in your giant semi-edible card, some candies will be immediately obvious in intent. 100 Grand, Air Heads, Butterfinger, and PayDay all flow easily into a car from a child to their father. (Think allowances, possible gifts, and clumsy kids.) When Sabrina thought up the "my PayDay wasn't very Riesen-able" line I was pretty darn proud of her use of wit and understanding. Making our card's text from scratch we found it simplest to place all the candies in the center of a table and separate the ones we had use as we wrote. Once you have your text down the hardest part is figuring our spacing!

The best part about this gift is that the entire family will enjoy devouring the sentiment for days to come- that is if the proud father doesn't insist on mounting it to the wall!

What Daughter Says: Use our template or create your own candy card for extra smiles this Father's Day.

Printable Candy Card Poster Craft Template can be altered for Father's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, and more!


  1. That's just priceless and I'm sure it will be well appreciated. I just love the reisen-able line. What a wit!

  2. I'll admit... I think this is an awesome idea! So totally something I would do for my dad if I were a little kid.

  3. That is a cute idea. We did that on my swim team in high school, the freshman made them for the seniors :).

  4. What an adorable idea. You are always so creative. I love the end result.

  5. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

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