Momma Told Me: You May Have The #GreatestDad, But @BestBuy Has The Greatest Gifts! #Ad

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You May Have The #GreatestDad, But @BestBuy Has The Greatest Gifts! #Ad

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Best Buy has gifts under $100 to math any dad, the Fitness Fanatic, Gizmo Guru, Memory Maker, and more! #GreatestDad
Momma Told Me: Just get him a Best Buy Gift Card!

This time of the year is always a panic for me. Beginning May 30, with my Aunt's birthday, and rolling right through the end of August, with my own birthday and 5 others' of family and friends in the same week; it's a logistical nightmare. I'll be honest, in my family, we tend to 'bundle' gifts. The perfect example is my father, who's birthday is June 11, just 4 days prior the the June 15th deadline of Father's Day this year. I'll usually end up buying a more expensive gift and rolling them into a gift for both holidays. But that doesn't mean my gifting woes end there and I can happily move on to the next event in my family. You see, when it comes to my father, I'm the closest relative; which means I get calls from all over the country, starting in May. Everyone wants to know what my Pop has been eying at the electronics store, or the hottest gadget he's been saving up for.
Even as a child, my dd would tke me to Best Buy to find the hottest deals on new technology. #GreatestDad
There are many types of dad's when it comes to technology and electronics; some are Fitness Fanatics, who are always on the run and can never have enough heart-rate monitors or step-tracking apps, while others are Memory Makers who are the first to bust out the video camera at a family gathering and print that baseball schedule for Jr's little league. My dad, he's a Gizmo Guru. Before home computer's were 'cool' we had a little IBM that could with a green pix-elated 8bit monstrosity of a computer screen, and were one of the first families to BETA the original America Online. I have vivid memories, growing up, of being drug through store after store hunting for the latest appliances, and computer upgrades. For several years we'd even plan a family trip to Best Buy every other weekend, after our Sunday Chinese dinner.
Using Best Buy's Father's Day gift guide to find the perfect Father's Day gift for my Gizmo Guru dad! #GreatestDad
So it won't surprise you that I shop for many of my own electronic investments and gifts at Best Buy, still, today. Our local store has what I consider the ultimate playground showroom for the hottest home theater technology and gizmo gadgets. This Father's Day I'll be shopping for the right gift for my father, and his father (who's birthday happens to also be in June) with the easy to navigate gift center online, where I can browse gift ideas by price range or personality type. I can even take advantage of free shipping on qualified orders, to help save money and time. I wasn't surprised at all to see the Lenovo Yoga 2 make the top of the list for Gizmo Guru dad's. I've actually been saving up to get this 2-In-1 Touch-Screen Laptop ever since I bestowed Momma with a brand new tablet last Christmas. My father has helped finance several of my computers, from the very first one he built custom for me in grade-school, to my new Dell XPS last month (when my old PC started smoking.)
Find the perfect Father's Day gift for every dad at Best Buy with gifts under $100.
Buying a laptop for my father would be a wonderful gesture, but it's financially going to have to wait, for this secret elf, until Christmas. I've been grateful for the more budget friendly Father's Day gift ideas that will work better for all the relatives and friends also looking to gift my father. For just under $50 the new Roku Streaming HDMI Stick and Modal Bluetooth Speaker make a perfect match for my dad, who's always streaming his favorite shows or radio stations. For a little bit more, but still under $100, my grandmother can invest in the TARGUS top-load laptop bag that is airline friendly for my father's next trip Back East, this Winter. The possibilities are endless, but it's nice to have several great ideas for my Gizmo Guru father all in one convenient place with a low price-gaurantee!

What type of persona is your dad, Gizmo Guru, Fitness Fanatic, Entertainer, or Memory Maker?

What Daughter Says: Find a gift that's a little more personal with gifts under $100, and the perfect gift for any type of dad, at Best Buy.


  1. Best Buy always makes finding the perfect gift for a technophile so easy! From ereader cases and accessories to gadgets like Google Chrome, there's something for anyone and everyone there! My dad's notoriously tough to shop for, but I can always count on great ideas from the moment I walk into Best Buy, because he's totally Mr. Gadget!

  2. My dad is a movie goer. He LOVES watching his movies whether it be in the theater, on DVD through Redbox, or via Netflix. His job is pretty stressful so that's how he unwinds :)

  3. My father is an entertainer for sure - I need to find him something special at the Best BUy

  4. My father has been dead for close to 15 years but I suspect if he were still alive he would avoid all of this technology stuff like the plague. He would play his Broadway music and his string band tunes on his 8 track if he could :)

  5. My dad is a total Gizmo Guru, I guess it goes along with the fact his is a handy man / IT guy but he can't get enough technology! My mom usually bans him from stepping foot into Best Buy cause she knows he'll leave with a few bags! LOL

  6. I don't usually think of gadgets for my dad, but you have given me some good ideas. We love Best Buy!

  7. My dad is a gizmo dad and always has been. Best Buy gift cards are a frequent present as he has always been an early adopter when it comes to technology.

  8. I got my husband a Roku that he can take with him when he travels. Recently he bought a new GPS at Best Buy and adores it!

  9. My father in law loves Best Buy and can spend hours in there. He walks around and touches the technology the way I behave with clothes on a shopping trip!

  10. I think you can probably find a great gift for anyone at Best Buy, even if they aren't a really gadget oriented person. These are great ideas.

  11. Finding just the right Father's Day gift can be a real challenge! Luckily, mys husband loves to cook and grill, so I can usually find a gadget that is fun for him!

  12. I love shopping at Best Buy. I could spend hours in there at a time. I can always find something for my husband at Best Buy.