Momma Told Me: You're Flying Me To #SoFabCon14- But What Should I Wear?

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You're Flying Me To #SoFabCon14- But What Should I Wear?

You may recall, earlier this year, I wrote a blog post in which I panhandled on the side of the freeway, baked pinata cookies, and shared re-imagine childhood drawings in hops of winning a scholarship to this years #SoFabCon14. And you may or may not have heard that I was one of 6 bloggers chosen- yes, I actually won something; and something pretty awesome, too! As part of my prize I was awarded with a full blogger pass to the 3 day event, shared lodging with another blogger, and transportation to and from the event (minus on the first leg to the actual airport.) As you can imagine I was pretty stoked- but I was also immediately terrified. I am a social butterfly, online.

With the power and confidence of amazing brands behind me I blossom with creativity an energy. When I am in front of my peers, whom I have never met face to face, I tend to have an anxiety attack. No fears my loyal fans, I will triumph! But there was the tedious obstacle of what to wear; every woman's agony. Whether you have too much clothes, or not enough, choosing those few outfits that you will be seen in can be tough. Thankfully SoFab put together a nifty What To Wear guide! Armed with this magical document I put together the following clothes....
#SoFabCon14 What To Wear
Thursday- Travel Outfit

Something practical for 9+ hours of travel, airport security, and catching shuttles.

  • #SoFabCon branded blogger tee- (Bought on)
  • Comfortable, slightly stretchy, jeans- Old Navy
  • Lightweight hoodie for privacy and climate control on plane- Hot Topic
  • Flip Flops for airport security ease
  • Red Sox ladies watch to keep track of time, MLB Official Merchandise
  • PowerBag Laptop Case with built in battery pack- PowerBag
#SoFabCon14 What To Wear
Thursday- Registration + Cocktail Reception

An outfit appropriate for rubbing elbows with the entire Social Fabric community at the gorgeous Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

  • Black wrap around cocktail dress- Attention (Kohl's)
  • Elephant clutch- 9th & Elm
  • Studded leather wrap bracelet- Torrid
  • Bold chain necklace- Torrid
  • Sequined Flip Flops (I have size 12 feet, footwear is hard)- Montego Bay Club
#SoFabCon14 What To Wear
Friday- Brand/Blogger Day

Business casual clothing to meet and greet brand reps, Collective Bias employees, and board members.

  • A-Line full length skirt- Simply Layla
  • Black and White Polka Dot Blouse- Torrid
  • Aqua undershirt- Attention
  • Black ballet flats- Comfort Plus Shoes
  • Assorted Jewelry
#SoFabCon14 What To Wear
Friday Night- NickMom Pajama Party

Comfortable pajamas suitable for dancing.
  • Panda Hat- SpiritHoods
  • Panda Slippers- Joe Boxer
  • Panda Sleep Shirt- Joe Boxer
  • Panda Pajama Pants
#SoFabCon14 What To Wear
Saturday- Blogger Day

Casual, comfortable- session hopping attire that reflects you and your brand.

  • Custom branded Momma Told Me tee-
  • Ballet flats- Comfort Plus Shoes
  • Business Casual Black Slacks- (Found at ROSS)
  • SoFab Blue Suspenders
  • SoFab Green Bow Tie
  • Dog not included
#SoFabCon14 What To Wear
Saturday Night- Masquerade Party

Semi-Formal event closer meant to let loose and sparkle just a little more than usual.
  • Flowy bridesmaid style dress- B-Smart (ROSS)
  • Sparkly Strappy Sandals- Montego Bay Club
  • Wrist Bling- Jewels For Hope
  • Neck Bling- Monroe & Main
  • Masquerade Mask- Handmade


  1. Sounds like a busy trip! Enjoy.

  2. Cute outfits! I love the Friday look.

  3. You are going to have such a great time. And you'll look Fabulous while doing it!! Enjoy :)

    I have an elephant clutch from 9th and Elm that I totally adore...wish mine had little umbrellas like yours. Mine is just gray and white.

  4. Love it! Can't wait to see all of these looks in person.

  5. I love your outfits! Now I'll recognize you and hopefully get a chance to say, Hey!


  6. Have fun at the conference and congrats on winning. The outfits you picked out are fabulous.

  7. Omg - so cute!!!!
    I feel very underprepared

  8. Loving all the outfits you put together for each day/event. Looks like it will be a busy but fun time! Have a grand time!

  9. Ok Jenna, hand over the Pikachu sweater and the panda sleep gear!

  10. All of these outfits have great style!! I love them!! Rita Spratlen

  11. Congrats - you'll look fantastic! I so wish that I was going...oh well, maybe next year.

  12. You are going to look fantastic. Say hi to Lena too. Not sure what other Fashionistas are going. I wish I could, but it conflicted with my daughter's dance recital. Have a blast!