Momma Told Me: (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Four-Legged Children

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Four-Legged Children

This Week in Instagram (Kinda)

Left: We drove down to see the family up by Los Angeles just so Nora could have a Puppy Play Date. On the trip up one of our tires lost half it's tread and the other half was left changing to a spare on the side of the 101. His caption for this photo: "Gas... $50. 2 New tires.... $200... Driving down to La Puente so Nora can stretch out like a stone hippo... PRICELESS"

Right: I picked up the above Pink Elephant Beanie Baby at Walgreens to include with the other half's Memory Box Valentine's Day gift. You may or may not recall that Truffles has an, erm, addiction to these things, which she totes around the house, and 'fetches'. This poor little elephant was a goner from the moment it arrived in her house. There was some pouting on Jeremy's part about how Truffles had 'stolen' his elephant.....But I came home on V-Day to find a second elephant with a card for Truffles. A man who buys a Valentine's gift for your cat, isn't that a keeper? Too precious!


  1. I love how possessive Truffles looks at the elephant. Great stories

  2. love both of these photos and stories behind them!

  3. Sorry for the unexpected expense for you nice trip but glad you enjoyed it. Too funny about the Valentines for the cat. Very sweet.

  4. Adorable photos. I want a dog. One of these days!

  5. How how cute! Love the stories behind it!!!