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To Summarize: What I Love About the #HTC8 Link Roundup

It seems like it's been such a quick journey, getting to know my #HTC8 Windows Phone over the past month. Prior to this experience, my knowledge of HTC was quite minimal, though I'd owned a Windows One Phone with Live Tile interface back in Beta Testing. It's impressive to see how the Windows mobile concept has evolved to mirror modern Windows 8 presentation and functionality. Not only is the Live Tile interface impressively intuitive, but almost limitless in personalization. I'd initially thought the concept was 'cool,' but figured the tiles would eventually find their limits, and I'd grow bored of the novelty quickly- Nope! Not only is it easy to organize the front end (Tiles Screen) and back end (App Index), but I can do so while waiting for appointments or sitting in front of the school, and the vivid color scheme is gorgeous.

To say this phone operates fast would be an understatement. I've thrown all of the technical details at you all for weeks, so I won't bore you again with the numbers, but the processor in this bad boy handles my most complex APPs as if it were child's play. Loading time is minimal, and the built in memory seems to more than accommodate the transfer between my computer Office and Windows Office Tile applications. In fact, my biggest, and only real 'gripe' would have to be the still growing library of APPS available for this phone. It seems there is so much developers could do with this OS, but Windows is still in third place with priority; and we're still waiting for Facebook to release the Instagram license for Windows mobile OS. As a blogger I rely on Instagram to connect with my social network a lot, so I do have to defer to my old device to connect via WiFi for such purposes from time to time. An issue I have no doubt will remedy when all the legal ends get tied up.

While the #HTC8 is impressively slim, it is certainly bold in it's California Blue hue (other colors available), with the 4.3" widescreen display and dual cameras. I'll admit, I've yet to find a project for the camera, but the HD video quality, even in low lighting, is formidable for a mobile device. Just like any big mobile technology release, the HTC8x has had some hiccups and flaws, that the brand is happy to cover through the purchase warranty, and return with tracking in a timely manner. I get the indication newer production units have more of a safeguard against the initial bugs, so those waiting out the release phase should feel secure taking the plunge now. As someone surrounded by what I call 'i' heads, I've received multiple compliments about my device which has been most often compared to mini tablets or tablet like mobile devices such as the Galaxy Note. In this humble blogger's opinion, the HTC 8x blows all of those predecessors out of the water, offering the perfect blend of beauty in personalization and practical functionality (from networking to Office applications).

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As Required by The FTC: I received the new HTC 8x Windows Phone as part of #Troop8x, though opinions contained above are mine, and mine alone.

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