Momma Told Me: Certified Steak and Seafood: Slow Aged Boneless Ribeye

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Certified Steak and Seafood: Slow Aged Boneless Ribeye

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Momma Told Me: Life's short, eat steak!

Growing up I wasn't very aware of the various cuts of meat, or that there was even a choice in quality and tenderness. For the most part, Momma used skirt steaks creatively, and even found uses for tough London Broil. Sure, we were gifted beautiful bundles of gourmet meat during the holidays, but Momma never let that precious cargo touch my lips. As she would say, 'What you don't know, won't kill you,' and she was right; not knowing there was something better out there kept me fairly content through my teenage years. I'm afraid I have to admit I thought a 'filet' or a 'ribeye' was a method of preparing steak more tender than the other, until I began doing my own grocery shopping, and dating. Early on in college I began dating a man who wouldn't eat anything less than a Ribeye, and I quickly realized I had been fooled by Momma's smoke and mirror games all those years! Even on steep sale, I was hard pressed to find an 8oz steak in this cut under $15. So, after my initial Alaskan Salmon experience with Certified Steak and Seafood, I was tickled to discover their range of Certified Angus Beef.
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With Boneless Ribeye options in 6, 8, and 10oz sizes, as well as a Cowboy Steak (bone in) weighing in at a whopping 25oz, Certified Steak and Seafood's CAB Prime ranks these steaks in the top 1% of beef. Slow aged and hand cut, these steaks undergo the same rigorous third party certification as the Atlantic Salmon. That means you'll receive a certificate of quality assurance with nutritional breakdown and basic health and quality checkpoints. I'm still tickled to be able to know when and where my meat was sourced! Entirely USA bred and harvested, these Prime 8oz Boneless Ribeyes have exceptionally smooth and even marbling, with fat that naturally flavors, and melts away, during cooking. I prepared our first two on a skillet, and our second two on the grill; both turned out ultra soft, melting along the palette in what I would expect to be meat heaven. I assure you, no steak sauce was needed for this cut of meat!
boneless ribeye
While I decided to go 'old school' with my meal preparation, and allow the steak to truly be the highlight of this meal, I did add a few traditional sides. I roughly peeled and sliced some potatoes to cook stove-top while the steaks were on, and grilled a few halves of corn on the cob. Both received a generous portion of butter, garlic salt, and fresh cracked pepper. For me, this is true comfort food; every last bite devoured and genuinely enjoyed! Next week I'll be pairing a lovely side recipe with the formidable Certified steak and Seafood 8oz Filet Mignon cut. It's hard to imagine a more tender, naturally flavorful, cut of beef after these Ribeye- but if anything will do it, it will be a USA slow aged Filet Mignon. Just watching these bad boys thaw in my fridge overnight has my mouth watering; I am truly in for a treat!

What Daughter Says: For those looking to take the guesswork out of superior meat, choose Certified Steak and Seafood and experience aged beef, as it should be!

As Required by the FTC: I received product from Certified Steak and Seafood to facilitate my review, though all images and opinions are mine and mine alone.


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