Momma Told Me: Bathe In Tropical Hydration w/ Dial Coconut Water Giveaway 3/13

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Bathe In Tropical Hydration w/ Dial Coconut Water Giveaway 3/13

Dial Coconut Water
Momma Told Me: The only tropical paradise you'll be going to is the bathroom!

I've never been to the tropics; though I live near the beach in sunny Southern California, it's hardly a Caribbean oasis. We have warm weather near year round, and palm trees line most of our local city streets, but there is not sound of the lazy beach drums and for the most part our city's inhabitants work typical 9-5 jobs. When I was just a little girl I'd often image walking out towards the water of our local shores and swimming clear onto a tropical island (I suppose in Hawaii) where I would be greeted by beautiful bronzed women with colorful leis and sip fresh coconut milk from the source. Yes, I had quite the imagination, but it made bath time all the more magical and less of a battle for Momma. (Truly, what kid actually enjoys the concept of 'getting clean.' I care for a 10 year old that plea bargains schedules for washing her hair, simply to get out of brushing tangles). So, when Dial announced their newest addition to their Moisturizing Body Wash range, Coconut Water, I was instantly taken back to those playful childhood dreams.
coocnut body wash
If you're like me you probably did a double take at coconut 'water,' I drink coconut milk often, and have even seen coconut water on shelves, but in a body wash? I quickly learned that coconut water is actually sourced from young, green, coconuts that are especially rich in antioxidants and electrolytes needed to naturally replenish hydration. That's right the hot 'it' beverage, coconut water, is actually as good for the exterior of your body as it is for the interior. I anticipate we'll be seeing this super-ingredient sourced quite a bit in upcoming skincare products; though Dial appears to be one of the first! As a Purex Insider I received one of the first bottles off the production line, to test and provide my 'juicy' feedback. Right away I noted the wash was almost clear in coloring, with a faint 'sea blue' hue that seems to reflect almost like the natural pigmentation of a clear sky. I try to shy away from skincare products that rely heavily on dye, so this was an immediate plus.
Upon opening the easy snap top I was instantly transferred to a tropical oasis, as the images on the bottles conveyed. I was surprised to note subtle floral hints (water lily?) beneath the more predominant bamboo and lime fragrances. In fact, the fragrance is not what I would expect from the Coconut Water ingredient, coconut appears to be the supporting fragrance, if at all. In general, Dial Coconut Body wash is a crisp clean fragrance that would easily appear to men or women. I most noticed the coconut water in the product's ability to perform with a quick building and smooth lather like foam. This body was was soft to the skin and left no residue upon first rinse, yet my skin appeared clean and invigorated (my pores were visibly tighter). My only concern with this product is that it reminds me, in scent and appearance, of shampoo! Reaching for it post shower hair ritual is something I'll have to get used to. In all, I've been pleasantly surprised by the performance and experience with Dial Coconut Water Body Wash!

Like most Purex Insider releases, there is an amazing Sweepstakes being sponsored to roll out Dial Coconut Body Wash; the Healthier Skin, Healthier You Sweepstakes. Hosted through the Dial Facebook page, and collecting daily entries now through March 31, 2013, one first place winner will take home $1000 cash! 250 runners up will score a voucher good for a free bottle of new Dial Coconut Water Body Wash, so be sure to head on over and enter today, and every day between now and closing, to maximize your chances!

What Daughter Says: Dial Coconut Water helps bring the tropics home for a few minutes every day.

One Momma Told Me follower will win 2 vouchers good for FREE Dial Coconut Water Body Wash! Enter to win new Soft Scrub Total here, or Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blend here.

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