Momma Told Me: Cats Gone Viral: Funny Feline Videos On The #HTC8

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Cats Gone Viral: Funny Feline Videos On The #HTC8

Momma Told Me: Just put 'cat' in the title.

It's a long running joke that some of the most watched videos on YouTube consist of nothing more than adorable animals doing what they do best; being adorable. I wish I could say I was immune to this trend (I've only watched the 'Peek-A-Boo Kitty' twice), but I too have my favorite viral videos featuring furry friends. Now, don't think that I prefer cats over dogs; this particular past just happens to sway the way of the felines. I'll do a pooch round-up soon enough. In any case, I was recently sidelined at my dentist's office waiting for a follow up appointment and decided to use my new #HTC8 Windows Phone to do some browsing on the YouTube+ APP for Windows Mobile. I am constantly impressed with just how fast the 4G service is, and how beautiful the Widescreen HD streaming is! All of that technology and there I was scouring the web for cute cat videos! In any case, I thought I'd share a little round up of some of my favorites, because we all need a laugh mid-week.
Friskies, the cat food brand, recently ran an entire series on viral cat clips; where they crowned the best user submitted videos in several cat-egories (pun intended) in a search for the World's Greatest Cat Video. It goes without saying that they know viral kitty videos when they see them! Their most recent campaign on YouTube calls for viewers to interact in a mini 'game show' titled "Will Kitty Play With It?" in which cats are filmed interacting (or ignoring) everyday common objects. It's a little cheesy, yes, but reminds me of my own felines, who will turn any piece of trash into a toy. If it's on the floor, it's theirs, right? Does your kitty play with strange objects?

Have you ever seen a barking cat before? When I first saw this video I was sure there were some creative filming shenanigans going on; but sure enough, the cat barks! Even more impressive is how it stealthily turns back into a meowing kitty when it's owner confronts it! Does your cat make a funny sound too? Out feral, Frankie, goes 'MOW!' when he want's something; it's like he's forgot to add the extra letter!

The final video is a nod to my current obsession; a wonderful non-for-profit organization in NC known as the Blind Cat Rescue, that offers a permanent home to 90 blind and health handicapped cats. This amazing shelter was founded by a woman named Alana who has smartly placed live streaming cameras in each of the kitty rooms, for fans and doners to watch and interact with the kitties live. Feed is LIVE 365 days a year from 8:30 AM- 7:30 PM EST, and you'd be amazed just how capable and active the seeing impaired kitties are! Best of all, you can buy items the shelter desperately needs, from their Amazon wishlist and watch the packages arrive, be opened, and immediately put to use on the Ustream feed! Of course there are some archived, home, videos to watch on the Blind Cat Rescue's YouTube channel as well; such as the above clip of blind Sandy running the giant hampster wheel!

This is a cause that has really touched my heart, personally, and taking care of 90 ill and blind kitties is a big task that takes lots of love from fans worldwide, as well as donations- I won't ask you to donate, but if you love adorable kitty videos like those above, and want to do something to touch a cat (or 90) in need, take a second to head on over to vote for the NC Blind Cat Rescue to win a $10,000 grant. Simply fill in: Shelter Name: blind cat, State: NC, and click vote. Don't forget to enter the CAPTCHA for it to count! You can vote every day between now and April, and the BCR is in second place, with very good odds!

What Daughter Says: Keep the cute cat videos coming!

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As Required by The FTC: I discovered these adorable cat videos through my new HTC 8x Windows Phone as part of #Troop8x, though the videos themselves are in no way associated with or endorsed by the company or organization. All opinions contained above are mine, and mine alone.


  1. i could watch animal videos for hours haha!!

    Sandy a la Mode

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  3. LOL, I love animal videos! Thanks!

  4. Bwahahaha, my brother loves cat videos... since he has a few cats of his own, I will pass this on for him to chuckle at!

  5. Great cause and it is so good that you help promoting it. I did see the barking cat before - it is so hilarious, it gets me every time

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