Momma Told Me: If My #HTC8 Were An Animal...Exploring Gorilla Glass 2 #Troop8x

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If My #HTC8 Were An Animal...Exploring Gorilla Glass 2 #Troop8x

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Momma Told Me: Why buy expensive electronics when you don't take care of them?

I'm not perfect, but I know I tend to be more gentle with my electronic devices, than the average consumer. In modern times it seems like we almost tend to take the wide availability of modern electronics for granted. With all of the service and extended contract warranties, or the never-ending updates in versions and models, it seems more likely that we will upgrade an electronic before it reaches the end of it's life. Furthermore, losing or critically damaging one of these electronics is almost an invitation to go shopping for an upgrade. When the other half lost his mobile phone last November I could actually sense a bit of excitement in his eyes, as he feigned sadness, while browsing new handsets on his tablet. But the simple fact is that we all, ideally, want to find that one device in each category that performs so flawlessly, upgrades are hardly enticing.

When I got my new Windows Phone, the #HTC8, I was looking for a long term relationship. I wanted a phone that would merge seamlessly with my work at home (and it does, thanks to the mobile Windows operating system), while providing a fresh and stylish design that was cutting edge enough to withstand the next 5 iPhone launches. I'd grown tired with gimmicks, and was ready to settle down. The #HTC8 had everything I could dream of, in it's super thin, yet beautiful HD widescreen screen. There was a gorgeous quality image from the front facing camera, and even a personal lens for group shots and personal images. Windows Live Tiles helped me drag and drop my life into an order that made sense and was intuitive to me, and the 4G service I'd signed on for, through a prepaid plan, with T-Mobile was lightening fast to showcase the device's 1.5 GHz processor.
I was captivated by how beautiful the image was on my screen when taking photos, viewing things in low light, and even streaming high quality videos through my Netflix or YouTube apps. How could this phone be so sleek and lightweight, while still responding with precision, and be strong enough to withstand my purse and other daily dangers? The answer was in the glass, Gorilla Glass 2; a cutting edge surface being utilized in the newest technological gadgets. Gorilla Glass is uniquely composed to offer longer wear in instances of damage, with more shallow scratches and chips, while improving over traditional touch sensitivity. It's lightweight build makes it ideal for slim devices like the #HTC8, yet it is strong enough to act as an armor for your phone's screen. Not only are Gorilla Glass 2 screens stronger, but they convey light with more precision for sharper and brighter images that compliment my phone's 4.3" touchscreen.

I'd never heard of Gorilla Glass prior to the HTC 8x, but I must admit that the screen, and Live Tiles, respond with much clearer accuracy than my last touch screen phone. I've also noticed that the screen is even more enjoyable to touch, smooth and responsive to the lightest swipes of movement. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for Gorilla companion products when shopping in the future, as the other half is accident prone!

What Daughter Says: Stop 'upgrading' and discover why the #HTC8 is a protected investment, with flawless beauty.

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  1. What a brilliant idea, my brother-in-law really needs Gorilla Glass! He breaks his phones within a couple of weeks of getting them and my SIL doesn't love that! This could save him from buying so many phones or begging people for their old phones (he has taken all of mine!)

  2. hat is pretty cool - and I absolutely the idea - life is hard for clumsy people

  3. Hmm, I wonder if my new phone has this? Cool!

  4. I totally need a gorilla glass because my baby keeps on playing with my phone!


  5. Yay my next phone !! I Cant wait i upgrade in the end of march.