Momma Told Me: Parmesan Portobello Crostini with Filet Mignon Recipe

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Parmesan Portobello Crostini with Filet Mignon Recipe

Certified Steak and Seafood
Momma Told Me: You don't know what you're missing until you've tried it!

Welcome to the 3rd installment in our series with Certified Steak and Seafood (CSS), the brother run delivery service for premium quality meat and seafood. You may recall, like so many gourmet food companies these days, CSS serves customers in every size range, from large 5 Star restaurants and hotels to the everyday consumer such as you and I. Their pricing is kept competitive by eliminating outside contractors and sourcing their protein direct through the brand. However, the rigorous certification process is done entirely by a third party, providing the consumer with an unbiased breakdown of nutritional facts and quality assurance. In my humble opinion their pricing is competitive, but certainly not the cheapest; however, we all know that price is only relevant when weighed heavily with quality. Having recently tried the creme-de-la-creme of hand cut steak, the Filet Mignon, from Certified Steak and Seafood I am overwhelmingly converted. Hands down these Choice 8oz Filet Mignon cuts were the most tender and flavorful I have ever consumed in house or out to dine!
You may recall tales from my childhood that include this notoriously indulgent cut; in these recollections I doubt our home ever served a filet above 6oz, and I (a 'child') certainly wasn't indulged. I'd sit at our family dining table munching on frozen chicken nuggets while my parents hemmed and hawed at the quality of the meat, and just how amazing their meal was. No hard feelings, I didn't know what I was missing, and Momma set it up that way on purpose! As an adult, right in front of Ribeye, is Filet Mignon, atop my all time favorite foods. Is there anything finer than a hunk of meat that requires next to no seasoning, can be enjoyed by even picky eaters near Rare, and melts along the tongue with no chewing required? Yes, for carnivores, it is the leader of the pack. Just posting the above image of my 8oz Filets upon arrival had my Facebook lit up with jealous comments and rapid 'Likes.' For a brief moment a part of me considered hiding all 4 steaks and slowly consuming them over the course of the week while Jeremy was at work; though in the end I was generous enough to share.
Parmesan Portobello Crostini


*8 Portobello Mushroom Caps, Sliced 1/2" and Halved
* 2 Large Sweet Onions, Cut into 1/2" Thick Slices
* 3TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I use Tavern Direct Central Park Signature)
* 1/4 C Smooth Churned/Spreadable Butter
* 2 Cloves Minced Garlic
* 8 Slices (1/2" thick) Rustic Bread
* 1/2 C Flaked/Grated Low Fat Parmesan Cheese
* 1/2 C Tomato Garlic Bruschetta (Optional)

Preheat Oven to 375F

1.) In a large high walled skillet combine Garlic, Portobellos, Onions, and Oil. Heat on Medium-High, constantly tossing to allow ingredients to soak and marinate together. Cook 4-5 Mins, or until mushroom caps become soft and semi translucent. Remove from pan ans set aside.

2.) Place bread flat side down on hot skillet, allowing to absorb juices from mushroom compound. Lightly sear single side to desired crisp and remove, placing seared side up on prepared baking sheet.

3.) Generously spread butter on seared bread, followed by Bruschetta Sauce (optional), sprinkling of Parmesan, and heaping spoonful of Portobello/Onion mixture. Place in oven for 3 MINS, or until bread reached desired color/crisp.
Whether Filet Mignon should be served with a 'side' is often a heated debate among the gourmet and foodie community. It's a simple fact that the cut is of such a premium nature it hardly requires seasoning, and certainly not any steak sauce. While some wish to top the prepared steak with a Bearnaise or other Red Wine Sauce, I typically rub mine with Garlic and Rosemary Olive Oil, and a dash of fresh ground pepper before searing it atop the Skillet or Grill. Those who wish to serve a side with this succulent meat should stay away from heavy starches, or overly complicated recipes. A fresh field of greens salad, or grilled asparagus can add a tasteful element to this meal. When serving an appetizer such as the above Crostini, I prefer to plate the two separately, offering the Crostini before the protein is served, making the Filet the single star of the show.
certified steak and seafood
The other half prefers his meat cooked Medium Well, though he is adamant that his filet should be prepared traditionally with a warm Pink center closer to Medium Rare. Those a bit squeamish will quickly be converted as the meat melts in their mouth, full of rich flavor that is hardly 'raw'. I savored my Choice Cut Filet Mignon over the course of a half hour (a lush, I know), alongside a glass of wine. Certified Steak and Seafood is certainly the answer for any hard-to-buy for individual on your shopping list this year. However, it's important that you remember to treat yourself too!

What Daughter Says: Even those who shy away from beef will easily be converted with a tender Filet from Certified Steak and Seafood.

As Required by the FTC: I received product from Certified Steak and Seafood to facilitate my review, though all images and opinions are mine and mine alone.


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