Momma Told Me: My #HTC8 Is Alive! Exploring Windows Live Tiles #Troop8x

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My #HTC8 Is Alive! Exploring Windows Live Tiles #Troop8x

Windows Live Tiles
Momma Told Me: It's not a person, it's a machine.

These days it seems definitive 'hot technology' is that which mirrors futuristic hopes of intelligent electronics (where do you think the 'Android' name came from?), ultimately melding humans with advanced technology intended to make their lives easier. While artificial intelligence has yet to come to the modern consumer market, it seems that mobile interfaces are quickly approaching similar goals. Just a few years back one had to bite the bullet and call 411 when missing an important phone number on the go; now there is a plethora of retrieval options at our very fingertips. If Facebook hasn't already ported the necessary contact info, lightening fast 4G speeds will ensure I track down any needed contact through Bing search on my #HTC8. But the HTC8x Windows phone isn't flashy about it's intuition; sure the Windows Live Tiles make for a colorful and personal way to organize one's life, but at it's core the HTC brand is Quietly Brilliant. What does that mean to me? It means the device's developers have anticipated my needs and included them in the device at the point of design.

I had a chance to play with a Live Tiles concept on the Windows 1 phone some years back (do you recall a small square handset no larger than a pager?) I instantly had fallen in love with the visual aspect of having my entire social network at hand. But in it's rudimentary stages there were some flaws. Now featured in the #HTC8, Live Tiles is a large part of most modern Windows technology, and seamlessly integrates my work (Windows Office) applications with my everyday social networking. What I love most about Live Tiles is the option for complete control. I could arrange tabs/tiles 4 across, or widen them to fill an entire slot with a single tile. Visually, the options are almost limitless, but that doesn't mean a first time consumer can't pick it up and instantly find value. Live Tiles is intuitive and as simple, or complex, as one needs it to be.
Live Tiles
I have had several smartphones across all operating systems, but the HTC8x I received through #Troop8x is by far the most attractive and intuitive interface. The beautiful full color, Gorilla Glass 2 protected screen is lightweight and ultra responsive to my every swipe. On my main Tiles screen I have nearly every high traffic app within a seconds reach, and a visual representation that echoes current activity. When I add a new photo my Photos tab begins to work them into the main album show; the screen is literally 'alive', always moving, always updating. It's like a living scrapbook of my life in this very moment. If I want to get a general update on the occurrences in the lives of my friends and family I need not log into each app individually, Live Tiles People tile has each individual sorted. Simply tap someone in my social network and see their most recent updates across a myriad of social media, only limited by my authorized accounts and connections.

Within each tile/app, I swipe to the left or right to browse each function available. Those familiar with the Bing interface will find this system oddly familiar. As seen above, my Photos Tile expands to show my favorite images (as designated by me manually), new images from my social network feeds, and any current photo editing apps I have installed. You may recall that the HTC8x takes widescreen images, which translate perfectly to this right-left swipe system. My background images can change in integrals, alive, or stay static per my specifications. The image is generally centered when swiping, but changes focus through each layer of app sub-menus. The biggest downfall with the beauty and freedom of Live Tiles? I spend much too much time moving things around and playing with visual representation while sitting in front of the school, or killing time at the dr's office!

What Daughter Says: Experience the beauty and intuition of Windows Live Tiles on the HTC8x.

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As Required by The FTC: I received the new HTC 8x Windows Phone as part of #Troop8x, though opinions contained above are mine, and mine alone.


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