Momma Told Me: Every Traveler Deserves A Home, Where Is Yours? @airbnb

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Every Traveler Deserves A Home, Where Is Yours? @airbnb

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Momma Told Me: Home is where the heart is.

Every time I go on vacation, no matter how many months I anticipate, or what the culminating event is, I always find myself one foot through the door (of my hotel room) and one heartache away from home. I love seeing the world, meeting new people, and expanding my list of experiences, but there is something so clinical about even the sharpest of hotel rooms, it's simply hard for me to truly relax. I recall the first time I discovered hostels, when my bestie headed out on her complimentary 3 week tour of Europe, trekking across Ireland and sharing tales of (American) underage drinking. I was gren, pun intended, with envy, but I also couldn't understand how she could spend so much time away from home without getting home sick. As traveling students go, she was, in fact, staying in a variety of student minded hostels and host houses across the continent. Some of them were little beat up holes in the wall with 8-10 students per room, and a single bathroom to a building, while others were actual homes she explained to be as 'magical as Harry Potter
Now, if you all know the tale of Mr. Potter you know that his actual family life, and home, was quite horrid, but what my friend had meant, rather, was that she thrived off of the genuine living experience of sharing these real live homes with their actual inhabitants. How much more relaxed would you be if you were a traveler with a home? Well, Airbnb believes that every traveler, around the world, no matter their destination, deserves an actual home. No, they don't hand over the keys to a house and turn you loose; rather, you are often renting a private property space within a home, or on the homeowners property. In essence, Airbnb allows real, friendly, people to share their world with travelers, while offering all the comforts and amenities of a real home, while away. After all, who will be able to offer you better hot spot tips and point you to the best bar in Old Tow, the Marriott receptionist, or the middle-aged couple who has experienced the land their entire life?
While there are hundreds of thousands of listings available for worldwide lodging, property owners can easily set the dates and times of year they wish to open the listing up for travelers. They also set their own pricing, which is most often much more reasonable then your standard bed and breakfast. And, as the recently created Home To You installation and video shows, there are hundreds of truly unique listings to discover throughout your travels, when you use Airbnb. I have to admit, I'm a little bummed I didn't know about this service earlier, what better way to let your feet wander and your heart grow than to find a unique local listing, to your destination. Airbnb feels so strongly that every traveler deserves a home that they recently sponsored an amazing undertaking of craftsmanship and human bonding through the Home To You Ultimate Traveler project.
No creatures travel the Earth quite like birds do, limited only by the distance their wings can travel and the branches open to them. They soar the skies and land in new places without feel and with the ability to call any place their home. In this spirit, 50 of Airbnb's most unique lodgings were transformed into detailed, miniature, replicas of birdhouses in the birdbnb project. It's hard to accurately describe the beauty of this installation, a the Tree of Life in New Orleans, LA; but the video below is well worth a few minutes pause, as is the Birdbnb website, which showcases each of the 50 replicas and a fully interactive 360 degree view of the exhibit.

What Daughter Says: Every traveler, no matter how small, deserves a home as unique as they are.


  1. These are absolutely amazing birdhouses! What moving thoughts about home.

  2. So breathtaking and exquisite! Like you, I find myself a bit homesick whenever I travel. If these were my homes, I'd likely never leave!

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  5. These are amazing and so intricate!

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