Momma Told Me: Using #ScentSavings To Build The Best Gift For The Romantic At Heart

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Using #ScentSavings To Build The Best Gift For The Romantic At Heart

Momma Told Me: The best gifts capture the senses.

This year I wrapped up all of my holiday shopping before the holidays even began; okay, well, almost all of my shopping. Every year there is that one person on my list I can't quite seem to shop for, and it's usually a male. This season I found myself wracking my brain for creative Christmas gift ideas to answer the 'What to give' question for Jay. It's not easy to find a meaningful gift for a mid-20s male, especially one that already gets most of what they want. Shopping for a man isn't as simple as ordering a dozen roses and handing over something sparkly; they can be fickle creatures with distinct tastes (especially when it comes to style), and closed mouths. While I'm busy dropping 'subtle' hints about my holiday wish list, as early as August, Jay will often shrug and tell me to simply surprise him. Since we met at the beginning of the holiday season, my traditional best gift remedy has been to hand craft a tailored gift basket of tiny mementos that express our love and my understanding of him.
#ScentSavings free ringtone
One of the stars of such a gift basket has to be fragrance, like most men, Jay likes to smell appealing, but is intimidated by the thought of purchasing a fragrance for himself. Both of us enjoy the Curve collection of skincare and parfum, so I was off to a good start when I entered the beauty department at my local Walmart. I was even more pleased to find that the mega-retailer had exclusive #ScentSavings bundles of fine fragrance and skincare. These 2 and 3 piece collections were attractively packaged with additional products from the same line, and spanned both men's and women's labels. By purchasing one of these exclusive holiday fragrance gift sets I could score a great deal on the best cologne, and save over 40% off retail price on Curve For Men products. As a special bonus, Walmart has teamed up with some of the big musical celebrities featured in these fragrances to offer a free high quality celebrity voice ringtone download with each exclusive bundle purchase.

Choosing the right fragrance as a gift is as simple as understanding the recipient. With the amazing savings on exclusive holiday gift bundles, like the Curve For Men gift set found at Walmart, I can easily pair a few affordable additions to help set the mood of the fragrance. This fragrance is very smooth, yet undeniably masculine with rustic undertones of green and citrus mixed with wood and spice. To me it reminds me of comforting slippers by the fireplace and a smooth shaved face daubed with the included 3.4oz After Shave. Picking this fragrance was also a no-brainer because it's a scent I love and, after all, it's the scent I'll be smelling every day, so that is important. But I had a little extra assurance that Jay would love this Curve For Men gift set, when we first started dating, it was the cologne he'd splash on right before he'd come to pick me up for our dates- every single one, until that little amber bottle ran out.
So, for me, buying this fragrance for my other half is as natural as his warm embrace. The soft cedarwood aroma, beneath the sharp and flirty spices remind me of warm memories and a carefree love. I picked out the perfect masculine basket to chock full of manly essentials and soon went to work assembling a complete gift to nourish his soul, and maybe even stomach, from the inside out. Including a new body scrubber, some Old Spice body wash, a battery operated razor, and even some spearmint flossers, I ensured Jay would feel as fresh and flirty as the fragrance inside. In the back I tucked some charcoal plaid, wool lined, slippers, and an Extra Dark chocolate bar to symbolize the mysterious, yet cuddly, side of it's recipient. And, as a final touch, I placed a hugging bear along the side of his Curve For Men gift set, a personal reminder of the man his father was, and the place he still holds in his son's life today.
Curve for Men at WalmartWhile I know Jay will appreciate everything I put into his special holiday fragrance gift basket, I am certain the Curve For Men bundle will be the biggest highlight, and one he will enjoy throughout the year. Best of all, fragrance is a note that latches onto one's senses, and can key in priceless memories for years to come. I know Jay and I will enjoy many more adventures through the upcoming year, and Curve For Men will mark each and every one of them in the background of my mind. Finding the right fragrance for a loved one can seem intimidating at first, but holiday bundles like these help cut the costs of investing in fine fragrance, with eau de parfume alternatives and multiple product bundling, as well as offer a clearer picture of the target demographic and recipient.
Curve for Men gift bundle
I'll admit, one of the highlights to picking out this holiday fragrance gift set was the free celebrity voice ringtone. While the average Tween might squeal in delight to put a specially recorded Justin Bieber ringtone on their phone, as they splash on his Someday scent, I've already claimed Jay's exclusive download code, myself. That's right, I'll be putting his free ringtone download to good use with a Taylor Swift exclusive that teases, "I just feel like you're never ever going to pick up your phone, like, ever." But, in all, I think this is one of my Christmas present ideas that we'll both be enjoying all year round- Do you and your someone special have a memorable fragrance? Get a sneak peak at the exclusive fragrance deals available at Walmart this season when you log onto

What Daughter Says: Speak from the heart to the nose with thoughtful fragrance gifts that will surround memories all year long.

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  1. I actually really like giving cologne for Christmas. All the guys in my life seem oblivious when it comes to purchasing it so I love jumping in and helping in that area! I haven't smelled Curve in a while. I need to give that another sniff. ;) - Katy

  2. Love Curve and I adore your creativity. I am going on vacation and have to make sure my husband and I have some romance there

  3. You took the gift idea to the next level! I have been doing more gift baskets lately to cover my bases. I figure there has to be at least one thing in there the person will like!

  4. I don't think I have ever heard of Curve before but I will have to check it out.

  5. I love the gift basket you made! It sure looks nice!

  6. My husband is not a cologne kind of guy - he never has been. I didn't know Curve made products for men

  7. That photo of you two on the beach is amazing! I am not familiar with Curve. I am going to have to check it out. Looks like some nice products for a gift basket.

  8. Not a fragrance wearer but those curve bottles are so pretty. It's nice to know some recommendations for my scent loving friends.

  9. I love the way Curve smells. :) Nice choice!

  10. Giving the gift of fragrance is something that the giver and the recipient can both enjoy. Everyone loves to smell nice so it really is a great gift. #client

  11. What a fun idea!!! Even if you didn't send it, I can think of other fun ways to use this idea at home with my kids. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    gift for men

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