Momma Told Me: Free Samples To My Door? @PinchMe_Now Delivers! #Sponsored #MC

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Free Samples To My Door? @PinchMe_Now Delivers! #Sponsored #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for PINCHme. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
Momma Told Me: Samples are like little, unexpected, gifts.

I love getting mail, well, so long as it doesn't come with a red envelope, or a bill pay request, right?

One of my favorite things to receive in the mail is a sample for a new product. Samples are the surest way to get me, as a consumer to switch products or begin using an entirely new one. While I have a strong brand loyalty, there are always things that can be improved upon; natural elements and ingredients, efficacy, value in use for the cost. Everyone knows that the most expensive products aren't necessarily the best, and that the cheapest aren't necessarily the better deal. That's why trying new products, before you buy them, is vital to a well rounded budget and happy lifestyle.
Some companies send you samples whether you want them or not. Perhaps you signed up for a printable coupon a year ago and were forced to check a 'future contact' box, who knows. But the samples that hold the most value are the ones you will actually use, the ones you want. If only there was a magical place where you could go to let companies know you want to try their product. Well, now there is, and you don't even have to be a blogger! PINCHme is a brand new social sampling website that provides voluntary consumers with a platform to receive multiple product samples in quarterly boxes, direct to their door. Membership is free, and performing engaging tasks with brands, ie; social sharing, rating, watching videos, will earn you valuable points to spend on more free samples and exclusive sampling invites.
Once you sign up, you are in. You'll automatically be eligible to pick out your first box of 3 samples. But make sure you arrive early, every other Tuesday, these samples go fast! The next batch of samples will be released on Tuesday December 10, 2013, so be sure to sign up with plenty of time in advance to make sure you can get your first box of samples on the way. While you're waiting for next Tuesday, be sure to fill out your profile for maximum PINCHme points, and browse the last batch of featured brands to discover some cool new products like Wild Ophelia organic Peanut Butter, yum! I signed up just after the Beta wrapped, a few weeks ago and am eagerly awaiting my box. I had a blast sorting through the available samples and picking out some new products to try.
PINCHme is a free online service connecting consumers with new brands and products, but they do ask one favor in exchange for your free, continued, membership. Once you've received your samples, log back into your portal and fill out a brief 6-10 question survey about your product experience. This will help offer feedback to the brand, and other potential customers down the line. The questions are mostly a sliding scale format, and will also earn you points to boost that status! Even when the samples are currently out of stock, there's plenty to do interacting with other members and the brands through social networking and engaging content. Join the free PINCHme program today, and let me know when you receive your first samples!

 What Daughter Says: Sample what you want, not what you're sent, with PINCHme.


  1. I signed up for this! This looks so fun!

  2. That is a sweet box of free samples! I would love to have that mascara!

  3. That is so true - but I do love trying everything. Is that bad? :)

  4. Hmm, I can't decide if I need more stuff sent to me, but it all looks very cool. Tempting for sure...

  5. What a neat idea. I love trying out new products.

  6. This looks awesome! I am on my way to go sign up. I love samples :)

  7. I love trying samples so that I don't have a full-size product sitting around going to waste if I don't like it. Thanks for the info!

  8. Such fun. Great for a senior who is a little housebound but loves to get things in the mail and always have opinions.