Momma Told Me: @FerreroFans Have You Entered The 25 Days Wrapped In Gold Sweeps? #sponsored

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@FerreroFans Have You Entered The 25 Days Wrapped In Gold Sweeps? #sponsored

This post was created in partnership with Ferrero Rocher as part of the 25 Days Wrapped in Gold campaign. 
Momma Told Me: Those are Mommy's candies!

I remember the first time I saw a Ferroro Rocher, a foiled ball of golden wonder, sitting in it's tiny brown wrapper. Then, how I stared in wonder as my mother bit into the crispy surface to reveal a rich creamy ganache that spilled out in playful swirls. I begged, pleaded, for one, to no effect. Then, as my mother got up to answer the door my small fingers wrapped around a gold ball, snatching it for myself. I crumpled the foil lining in the palm of my hand, hoping my squirrel cheeks and the obvious hole in the display wouldn't give me away. But, of course, my mother's sharp, and nothing get's past her- so I spent 10 minutes staring at the corner of a wall. It was completely worth it.

I closely associate Ferrero with the holidays, and I don't think a Christmas (or Valentine's) passed without one of those fancy plastic cases. They were the kind of thing my mom considered a splurge, and she hoarded them like they were the last on Earth. Now that I'm older, I continue my own Ferrero tradition, and make a point to purchase the seasonal Rocher packages, and pyramids every year. With a dreamy chocolate filling, surrounding a whole hazelnut, and encased in crispy wafer and hazelnuts- it's easy to see why I make time for this indulgence. If you've never tried Ferrero, especially the Rocher variety, you should. You can find convenient 3 packs for just over a dollar at retail chains nationwide.
Ferrero Rocher Gift Box
Ferrero Rocher Holiday Sweepstakes
In addition to supplying many happy memories, and quality chocolate confections, worldwide, Ferrero recently set out to make hundreds of Christmas Wishes come true with their 25 Days Wrapped In Gold event. This season, consumers can visit Ferrero Rocher USA on Facebook to share their divine holiday wishes and interact with daily prompts featuring delicious prizes like $1000 Wardrobe Shopping Sprees and Hotel Getaways. It's as simple as liking the brand on Facebook and commenting under the day's prompt, answering the provided question. Today's question asks fans what the best holiday gift they've ever received was. While I could say, as a little girl, having Momma home from the hospital in time for the holidays, I think they're looking for something more material. In which case I'd have to say a custom, handmade, stuffed animal of my favorite cartoon character (trust me, it was an obscure reference). Just the fact that this burly, manly, individual spent time pricking his fingers to make me a stuffed animal has always been a soft spot for me, even long after we broke up.
Ferrero Rocher 25 Days Wrapped In Gold
And it's answers like that which really help bring to life the spirit of the season. Not only do I enjoy the thrill of thinking I might win the prize of the day, but Ferrero Rocher's 25 Days Wrapped In Gold is a little sparkle of holiday spirit. Just reading the different answers each day helps me see how unique we all are, and that the things we crave most aren't always as material as we might think. Of course I wouldn't scoff at a win that included a weekend getaway to NYC for two, either! No purchase is necessary to enter the 25 Days Sweepstakes, though it's a lot easier to fantasize about winning while unwrapping one of those golden wrappers, so be sure to grab your favorite Ferrero confection and cuddle up with your electronic device and the Ferrero Rocher USA Facebook page. Good luck!

What Daughter Says: Unwrap a little whimsy, and luck, this season with Ferrero Rocher.

25 Days Wrapped In Gold Giveaway 
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents of 48 contig.U.S & D.C., 18+ w/ valid email & Facebook acct on date of entry. Starts 12/1/13 at 9:00 am (ET) and ends 12/25/13 at 11:59 pm (ET) w/ 25 daily entry periods beginning at 9:00am (ET) and ending at 11:59 pm (ET) each day. For complete details, including entry & prizing details, see Official Rules @


  1. I love chocolate and yes I like Ferrero Rocha candy too.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful contest. I'll have to go and see what I can enter to win. My mother used to love Ferraro Rocher...

  3. My mom loves these and $1000 would be nice too!

  4. Oh I love these!! I always think of my sister when I see these bc she is just as obsessed with these as I am haha. And that giveaway is very nice as well!

  5. I have a huge weakness for chocolate and Ferrero Rocha! This is a very Sweeps they are sponsoring!

  6. You hit my weak spot - I love these. Christmas seems to be the best time to stock up on them.

  7. These are some of my favorite chocolates! YUM!!!!!

  8. I entered one day. Thanks for the reminder to keep entering!

  9. I can't eat these because they have nuts in them, it makes me sad every time i see people noshing on Ferrero Rocher and rolling their eyes in satisfaction! I want to try them too!

  10. Ferrero Rocher is my absolute favorite chocolate. I've been entering their Facebook giveaway often in the hopes of winning.