Momma Told Me: Explore The #JollyVoxBox For The Good, The Bad, And The Lovely @InfluensterVox

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Explore The #JollyVoxBox For The Good, The Bad, And The Lovely @InfluensterVox

#JollyVoxBox by @InfluensterVox
Momma Told Me: You never know, until you try....

I think it's no secret that I get to try some pretty awesome things, thanks to my incredibly loud mouth, and all who decide to listen to it on my social networks. You also know I'm hopelessly addicted to 'Of The Month' style subscription boxes, in which the recipient enjoys a carefully curated box of goodies, spanning a particular topic, in exchange for a monthly fee. Well, Influenster is kind of like that, minus the subscription fee, and the regularity. Think of it as a way for companies to connect with interested consumers, exchanging full size products, for their genuine, honest buzz. I say genuine, which you all know if my number one mantra when blogging, because they really mean genuine; they want to hear the Good, the Bad, and the Lovely. Now, I don't know the top secret metrics involved with which members actually get which box; you initially receive and invite, and if you respond fast enough, you're in. But, somehow, I got on the 'list' for the #JollyVoxBox, which just so happened to arrive a few days before the big holiday this season.
@InfluensterVox #JollyVoxBox
I love opening my +Influenster Vox Box, not only is the box itself always beautifully vibrant and colorful, but the easy to digest card laying directly on top tell me exactly what I'm about to try, and precisely how much it costs, retail. The Jolly Vox Box was full of an interesting assortment of full size products from well known brands such as Rimmel London, Puffs, Duck Brand, and Skinny Cow. I have to admit, with a name like 'Jolly' Vox Box, I was expecting some tinsel colored nail lacquer and candy canes; I was pleasantly surprised to find some of the season's hottest best kept beauty secrets and must haves. Let's go through them one-by-one as I share my thoughts.
Rimmel London #ShowOffLipLacquer Aurora #104
NYC HD Color
First up with the Rimmel London #ShowOffLipLacquer in #401, Aurora, a deep blush hue in a smoldering semi-translucent .18 oz tube with a simple sponge wand applicator. The product itself is somewhere between a lipstick and a gloss, almost a heavy stain in wear, and has an initially strong melted lipstick odor that might turn some off. I like that the package tapers from black to translucent, offering a genuine view of the color inside, and the sponge is more than large enough for a single swipe application. While the lacquer was initially tacky, it did not settle as sticky and would make a great layering tool over a neutral lipstick base. The biggest downfall, for me, was that this vibrant color seemed to wear off quickly within a few hours, from drinking or simple talking. In all, I am an avid Rimmel London fan, and the brand is known for value, but I'm not certain I would continue to buy into Show Off Lacquer for the $5.49-$5.99 price point.

The second beauty find of this Vox Box was the new N.Y.C. HD Color Trio Eye Shadow, made by Coty brands (which also owns Rimmel London). With a retail price at $2.99, the 781 Long Beach Sands palette I received was season appropriate but a little pale for my skin tone, which is quite fair. The three neutral hues, which remind me of shimmery champagne variations offer a base, crease, and highlight hue with included application, sponge, wand. The colors wear creamy and vibrant, but really play well with other shades from my existing collection. What I liked most about the HD Color Trio was the suggested application uses for each pot, and the vibrant lustrous finish upon application. I liked using the narrow application brush for highlighting my lower lids.
#PassThePuffs Puffs To-Go
#MiniDucklings Duck Brand Mini Tape
One the more utilitarian side of the holidays was a product I use year-round in my glove compartment and purse for emergency makeup touch-ups and pet traveling messes. The Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong Plus Lotion To-Go (a mouthful, right) Tissues package featured 10 2-Ply durable and soft tissues for all purposes. Wrapped in a decorated, print, slide out packaging, these are the perfect side for stashing on the go and make a great stocking stuffer at just $.49/package. This time of year I often buy them in large multi-packs for the upcoming months, but was especially surprised to learn these To-Go packs now features Puff Plus Lotion. While the lotion isn't great for cleaning my glasses, as I sometimes use them, they are extra soothing during cold and flu season.

A fun and slightly funky find included #MiniDucklings Duck Brand Mini Rolls, which retail for $2-3 at chains nationwide. It's no secret I'm a Duck Brand addict, and use this adhesive tape to decorate and repair countless items all year. I particularly like to use Mini Rolls to spruce up my brown box parcels, which I have to use to ship my presents to family back East. Having the extra colorful and festive prints around the labels let my recipients know something extra special is inside. These Mini Rolls are about 1" wide and come in fun prints, like the Hawaiian one shown above. I used mine to dress up a 'Warm Wishes' label on one of Jay's gifts, get it? They're also, incidentally, great for repairing tears in wrapping!
#IndulgeWithSkinny Skinny Cow Candy
Last, but not least, was a product that easily transitions into the New Year spirit, Skinny Cow Chocolate Divines with Peanut Butter Filling. These 3 piece packages are just 130 calories and impressively big on flavor. I've had Skinny Cow products before and found them to be a little less than satisfying, but these were more than I could eat in a sitting; they were quite sweet! The only gripe I have is that the 'peanut butter' texture was a bit grainy, like the chocolate and read more like a caramel to me. Regardless, I will be reaching for these instead of holiday candy leftovers, throughout the coming weeks.

What Daughter Says: Explore some affordable new additions to your Winter routine, you might be pleasantly surprised!


  1. What a neat box of things. My daughter does this with some company and gets surprise make-up monthly. She always looks forward to it. I must say, that picture of you here is Beautiful.

  2. Looks like a great variety of items, especially the candy.

  3. I love Influenster Vox Boxes. They are fun to receive and comment on. This is a great one, I do love Skinny Cow!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  4. Wow! This looks like a box I would want!!!

  5. You got all those different things? I'd be excited to get a VoxBox!

  6. Wow how cool. These boxes are so awesome. Nice receiving such great products.

  7. That's a great bunch of products you got to give your opinion on. I'd like a subscription box but can't justify the expense.

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