Momma Told Me: Help @TalentiGelato Spread Cheer To Worldwide Orphans, + Enter To Win!

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Help @TalentiGelato Spread Cheer To Worldwide Orphans, + Enter To Win!|52b8a857db813b7103001c0c
Momma Told Me: The sweetest things can always get sweeter.

By nature, I spend a lot of time sharing messages for companies, with consumers. Whether it's the launch of an exciting new product, the redevelopment of an old favorite, or the promotion of an upcoming sweepstakes. Sure, in exchange, I sometimes get to try some really amazing products as a thanks for my time and insight; but it's when a company I already love and use reaches out with a charitable message, that is truly special. If you would have asked me a week back if my bond with Talenti gelato could get stronger, I would have implied you must be suffering from mental delirium due to mistletoe overload. So, here I sit, fingers on keyboard, happily admitting that I would have been wrong. I already cleared out freezer cases, regularly, at our local supermarket (seriously, my brand loyalty could never be questioned here), but I now feel no shame in sharing this fact, thanks to a charitable partnership.
Talenti Gelato Sorbetto
Talenti Gelato Salted Caramel
I am here to say, triumphantly, that I am obsessed with the handcrafted, smooth and creamy texture of talenti artisan gelato. Not only do they come in easy reseal plastic pints, which double for craft projects and food storage once empty, but every spoonful, each velvety ribbon of sweet indulgence is worth every calorie. The brand puts great care into sourcing only the finest of natural and raw ingredients to create a range that spans Alphonso Mango and Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip (one of Jay's favorites) to the more decadent and dreamy Caramel Cookie Crunch and Sea Salt Caramel. My only gripe being that my local Safeay stores only stock 4 of the 23 flavor collection, and none of the newly released Talenti Pops. The product, by it's natural nature, is also temperature sensitive, so never abuse your Talenti by allowing it to thaw and refreeze (the silky consistency will suffer).
Talenti Cookie Caramel Crunch
So, while I patiently await my Monday and Friday night splurges (the days Jay and I allow ourselves to consume a small amount of frivolous sugar), I will be professing my Gelato love through the Talenti Holiday Recruiter Sweepstakes application on the brand's Facebook page. One simple, very short, entry form will help you support the Worldwide Orphans Foundation- For every 5 people who enter the giveaway for a year's supply of Talenti, you'll get a FREE Talenti voucher for yourself, and a $5 donation to the WWO Foundation! How sweet is that? (Pun intended.) So hurry on over and click the link above, or the button below and you'll be enjoying a sweet treat over a sweet deed in no time!

What Daughter Says: You can't have too much of a good thing when you're supporting a great cause like the WWO Foundation over Talenti gelato!|52b8a857db813b7103001c0c


  1. I haven't seen that brand around here, but I'm so glad to be able to help in such a simple way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I haven't seen that brand locally but I would love to try their gelato! mmm...

  3. OK. This is one of the coolest ice creams - Love it and want some now

  4. I love brands that give back. I've tried Talenti before & it's amazing!

  5. This looks so good! I'd love to try it! Definitely entering the giveaway!